Ivy & Moon Organics | Baby Bath Tea Tin

Ivy & Moon Organics | Baby Bath Tea Tin

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Ivy & Moon Organics 100% organic Baby Bath Teabags with naturally cleansing Oatmeal and moisturising Cocoa Butter are a gentle alternative to soap for babies of all ages.

Free from artificial scents and essential oils, the dried petals of Chamomile, Calendula and Lavender can assist with soothing dry skin and nappy rash whilst providing a mild, floral scent, helping to relax baby before bedtime while promoting a calming atmosphere.

Gentle enough for newborns and especially tailored for use with sensitive skin.

To use: Soak a single Baby Bath Teabag in baby’s warm bath water as bath is filling. Lightly squeeze the cotton bag to release the tea into water. Gently rub baby’s body and hair with the soft cotton tea bag to cleanse and moisturize. Discard after one use.

Ingredients: 6 Pure cotton cloth bags containing: Oatmeal*, Cocoa Butter*, Lavender flowers*, Chamomile flowers*, Calendula flowers* Denotes certified organic)

Disclaimer: This information is based on traditional and empirical herbal medicine and does not constitute medical advice.

Our products are supplied with a full and detailed list of ingredients. Please read this carefully to ensure your baby is not allergic to or has any sensitivity to an ingredient.

External use only.

Shelf life: Store in a cool, dry place. Shelf life of approximately 12 months.